Computer Network systems and solutions  
  Data Recovery & Repairs

 Disaster Recovery

We utilize our technical experience and extensive knowledge of information technology infrastructure to evaluate the conditions and immediate impact of a disaster and estimate both the time to recovery and the salvage ability of the remaining equipment.
We will help you to minimizes the duration of a serious disruption to operations and resources, and perform data processing and telecommunications systems recovery, including equipment replacement, operational restoration of OS, databases, access rights, user files, applications



Data Restoration Services

Our certified personnel will perform restoration of your data, recovery of lost files and directories, restoration of damaged partitions and not bootable drives. To recover data from your malfunctioning hard drive we will remove the heads and replace them in our clean room with all precautions to protect your data from further damage and loss.

We understand the importance of your data, and will make every effort to recover your lost files. We will not charge any diagnostic fees on single drive data recovery. We will not charge if we do not recover data from your hard drive. The evaluation is free and no work beyond this evaluation will be charged without your explicit approval.



On-site Maintenance and Support

We will provide outgoing on-site maintenance and support, keeping your systems operational and available; amplifying business agility and increasing revenue.


 Components Replacement and Upgrade

We can bring our technical expertise and exceptional services to help you resolve computer hardware failure, emergency system repair, troubleshoot, configure, upgrade or add new features to your existing systems, minimizing downtime and end-user disruptions.  


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