Computer Network systems and solutions  


             Lansyz Inc., designed and installed all electronics in my practice and have been maintaining the system for over two years.

The system increased my productivity and has enhanced patient comfort and drawn praise from patients.  A number have told me that the high-tech operation and the convenience and comfort it gave them were a factor in their deciding to recommend my practice to family and friends.

Each operatory now has a computer screen at the patient’s chair, which can display digital x-rays as they are taken or from the patient’s records in computer storage, or intraoral camera images, or Casey Educational System videos, or the patient’s chart, or any TV channel, at any time.  A separate screen in each operatory is for the dentist’s or the dental assistant’s use and typically shows the patient’s chart or x-rays.  The receptionist also has screens for the patient’s charts and for financial and insurance information, and has pre-set Internet links with insurance carriers for sending payment requests and required back-up, including digital x-rays, and for getting information from the carriers. 

Simon and his company designed and installed the system in the new office that I opened, as the space was being built, and within the allotted time and budget.  The installation includes computers and a server, digital x-ray systems, fax and printers, an Internet system, a video presentation system for dental tutorials to patients, TV, audio, and telephone switchboard, all integrated to work together. 

The system has worked smoothly and efficiently.  Simon and his company have done the routine maintenance, have responded timely to phone calls with questions, and have arrived on site within a couple of hours when called on an urgent matter.

I have been impressed with Simon’s knowledge, professionalism and dedication, and highly recommend him and his company.

Helma Philips, DDS
Advent Dental,


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