Computer Network systems and solutions  
Dental Office Design

Building the right technology foundation is easier with the right IT partner. At LANSYZ we have worked with businesses like yours  for many years helping to implement right technology solutions.

You can be confident that your systems will be running smoothly, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

By delivering advanced functionality designed specifically for small dental offices, these complete, affordable network solutions can help you make the most of your  investment, increase  productivity, enhance patient convenience and  comfort and will be a factor in their deciding to recommend your practice to family and friends.

  • Patient side 21 “TV/PC monitor for Digital Imaging, Digital X-Ray, Computer Data, Casey Multimedia Education and Cable TV presentations.
  • Cable free computer desks for treatment rooms and offices.
  • Integrated Multi Room Cable TV and Multi Source Stereo Sound distribution that helps easy Dental Fear and Discomfort Problems Management.
  • Office Productivity Enhancement and Ease Streamline Communication with Patients and Insurance Companies.

Innovative approaches and flexible technology tools from Lansyz and its partners can facilitate safer, higher-quality, patient- and consumer-centric care, delivering services and products that not only are more accessible, but save time and money.


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