Computer Network systems and solutions  
  New Office & Relocation

Lansiz, Inc. is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of service.

Our work will start with initial site survey that will incorporate structural layout of the facility, building codes and safety, physical security and air flow distribution into the final design.

Preparation may include construction work such as core drilling, mounting flexible conduit, cable support hardware, terminal boxes, installation of telecommunications closets, equipment racks, grounding, ducts, grilles and other air-distribution equipment related to a building’s HVAC system.

We install a wide variety of transmission media based on a modular cabling system with phone, TV, sound, remote management, data copper, fiber optic cables, as well as associated components, where each outlet offering option of access to any combination of power, data and audio/video/computer connectors.

We also install a variety of wireless applications including 802.11b/g/n cameras, WiFi.

All of our installations are tested to meet or exceed industry standards, the manufacturer's specifications as well as all the warranty requirements.

We can move your existing Information Technology Infrastructure at new location or branch office adding new systems, along with a new custom designed Precision Furniture. 

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